Red Heaven

Located on the South Western slope of Red Mountain, Red Heaven has a varied soil profile of three main soil types. The Warden, Hezel and Taunton soils combine with a complex terrain to create a series of micro-climates. The blocks of Red Heaven are split along these micro-climates and are planted with different Rhone varietals that are each uniquely suited to take advantage of the terroir.

Scooteney Flats

Named for the Scooteney soil that makes up ninety-five percent of its soil, Scooteney Flats has been planted with Bordeaux varietals. The granular nature of the soil allows the vines to create and sustain a deep root system. The microclimate, latitude (N46º), temperature swings and high velocity wind all work in concert to ensure small grape clusters and an unrivaled intensity of flavor in the fruit.