Our Story

At Vinagium we believe that a great wine tells a great story, and our grapes tell the tale of their terroir.

Red Mountain is an exciting place to grow grapes. The Missoula Floods of the last ice age are to thank for much of this. By washing into Red Mountain, the floods stirred up the existing soil and deposited new ones. The result is a varied and complex soil profile. Red Mountain also happens to sit on the same latitude as the famed Bordeaux region of France, and gets more sun and higher wind than anywhere in the Columbia Valley. Grapes on Red Mountain undergo a stressful existence, leading to small berries with thick skin that are darker, stronger and more tannic. And, they are perfect for making robust wines.

In 2005, five friends came together with a common dream and a love of fine wines, and Red Mountain seemed like a vintner's paradise. After securing a lease on two vineyards through the Department of Natural Resources, the members of Vinagium sought to take advantage of the unique micro-terroirs by planting numerous small blocks of clone varietals along the slopes of Red Mountain. Each block represents the character of its soil, the grape and the micro-climates of the mountain. By varying the layout of the blocks and caring for a multitude of varieties, our grapes have a structure and flavor profile unlike any other and tell the great story of Red Mountain.